II-III sec. d.C.

TERTULLIANO, Ad Nationes, Lib. II, X, 11

Tot exemplis et u< .................. >quis non deus affirmari potuit? Quis denique Antinoo contro<versiam divini>tatis agitavit, quod decorior Ganymedes aut carior suo amator<i?[12] Patet>apud uos mortuis caelum, uiam ab inferis ad astra subigitis; passi<m scor>ta ascendunt, — ne

multum putetis uos praestare regibus uestris!


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Chapter X. A Disgraceful Feature of the Roman Mythology

After so many examples and eminent names among you, who might not have been declared divine? Who, in fact, ever raised a question as to his divinity against Antinous? Was even Ganymede more grateful and dear than he to (the supreme god) who loved him? According to you, heaven is open to the dead. You prepare a way from Hades to the stars. Prostitutes mount it in all directions, so that you must not suppose that you are conferring a great distinction upon your kings.