Sec. III d.C.

OPPIANUS, Cynegetica, IV, 247-265.

Testo tratto da: Oppian, Colluthus. Tryphiodorus, traduzione di Mair A. W., Londra 1987.

It was around that hidden ark that they first showed forth theri mysteries, and with them Aonian wommen secretely took part in the rites. And they arrayed a gathering of their faithful companions to journey from that mountain out of the Beotian land. For now, now was it fated that a land. Which before was wild, should cultivate the vine at the instance of Dionysus who delivers from sorrow. Then the holy chair took up the secret coffer and wreathed it and set it on the back of an ass. And yhey came unto the the shores of the Euripus, where they found a seafaring old man with sons, and all together they besought the fishermen that they might cross the water in their boats. Then the old man had compassion on them and received on board the holy women. And lo! On the benches of his boat flowered the lush bindweed and blooming vine and ivy wreathed the stern. Now would the fishermen, cowering in god-sent terror, have dived into the sea, but ere that the boat came to land.