Tra 423-427 d.C.

Sant'Agostino, De Civitate Dei, 18, 17

To prove this, Varro narrates other equally incredible tales- that of the notorius magician Kirke, who likewise changed the comrades of Odysseus into animals, and that of the Arcadians, who were taken by lot, went across a particular pool, and there turning into a wolves lived with beasts like themselves in the desert placesof thet locality. But, if they did not feed on human flesh, then after nine years had gone by they swam once more across the same pool and were trasformed into men again...................................

In conclusion he has actually mentioned by name a certain Demainetos, asserting that he, having tasted the sacrifice of an immolated boy, which the Arcadians, were wont to make to their God Lycaios, was thereupon changed into a wolf; and that in the tenth year he was restored to his own form, practised boxing, and won in a match at Olympia