IV sec. a. C.

ARISTOTELE, Meteorologicorum, I, XIV, 352, 35a

                  Et illa quidam non in iisdem semper lo-

cis fit, sed quo modo diluvium quod Deucalionis tempore

eventi:hoc enim per Graeciam potissimum pervasit,

atque ejusdem partem quae priscam Graeciam constituit.


ARISTOTELE Meteorologica, I, XIV, 352, 35a 

             This does

not always happen in the same region of the earth:

for istance, the so-called flood of Deucalion took

place largely in the Hellenic lands and particularly

in old Hellas, that is, the country round Dodona and

the Acheloiis, a river wich has frequently changed

its course.